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wxJSON 0.4 Released

This release adds the ‘copy-on-write’ feature to the copy ctor and assignment operator of JSON value class.
Note that this new feature only affects the internal representation of JSON values and does not add new features in the class’s interface.
Also note that for JSON value objects, COW is not as efficient as expected.
To know more about this topic read this page:

The wxJSON library is now complete and this release should be considered a final beta release.
JSON data format is very stable. It is accredited to be stable forever or, at least, until programming language’s variables are based on numbers, strings, booleans, structures and arrays.

No other feature should have to be added to the library and I think that, after a few months used for discovering and fixing bugs, I will release the stable version 1.0

This will be the good occasion to, eventually, break the compatibility with the old versions 0.x by changing memberfunction’s names and/or parameters.
If you have any comment, suggestion or hint, feel free to write to me or post an answer to this topic.


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