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wxWidgets 2.8.8 is out !!!

June 24th, 2008 — the wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a new wxWidgets release. wxWidgets is a mature, open source, cross-platform application framework for C++ and other languages. To get wxWidgets, please go to the download page at This is mainly a bug fix release; please see the change log below for details.

wxWidgets 2.8.8 changes

  • Fixed bug with parsing some dates in wxDateTime (Bob Pesner).
  • Fixed bug with parsing negative time zones in wxDateTime::ParseRfc822Date().
  • Initialize current line in wxTextBuffer ctor (Suzuki Masahiro).
  • Improved performance of XML parsing (Francesco Montorsi).
  • Fix wxDateTime::ParseRfc822Date() to handle missing seconds (Joe Nader).
All (GUI):
  • Added wxWindow::GetNextSibling() and GetPrevSibling().
  • Support wxGRID_AUTOSIZE in wxGrid::SetRow/ColLabelSize() (Evgeniy Tarassov).
  • Ensure that wxGrid::AutoSizeColumn/Row() never sets column/row size smaller than the minimal size.
  • Added parameter to wxScrolledWindow XRC handler.
  • wxRichTextCtrl performance has been improved considerably.
  • Several wxRichTextCtrl style, paste and undo bugs fixed.
  • Added wxRichTextCtrl superscript and subscript support (Knut Petter Lehre).
  • (Small note: This feature was made by our company)

  • wxNotebook RTTI corrected, so now wxDynamicCast(notebook, wxBookCtrlBase) works.
  • When focus is set to wxScrolledWindow child, scroll it into view.
  • Improve wximage::ResampleBox() (Mihai Ciocarlie).
  • Implemented ScrollList() in generic wxListCtrl (Tim Kosse).
  • SaveAs in docview takes into account path now.
  • Fixed wxXmlResource::GetText() to convert data to current locale’s charset in ANSI build.
  • wxGrid now indicates focus by using different colour for selection and hiding cell cursor when it doesn’t have focus.
  • Added alpha support to wxImage::Paste() (Steven Van Ingelgem)
  • Use current date when opening popup in generic wxDatePickerCtrl.
  • Remove associated help text from wxHelpProvider when a window is destroyed.
  • Added wxSizerFlags::ReserveSpaceEvenIfHidden() and wxRESERVE_SPACE_EVEN_IF_HIDDEN sizer flag.
  • Added wxWindow::ClientToWindowSize() and WindowToClientSize() helpers.
  • Added wxSizer::ComputeFittingClientSize() and ComputeFittingWindowSize().
  • Fixed wxSizer::SetSizeHints() to work when the best size decreases.
  • Fixed crash in wxHtmlHelpController if the help window is still open.
  • Fixed generic art provider to scale bitmaps down to client-specific best size if needed.
  • Made wxSpinCtrl::Reparent() in MSW and generic versions (Angelo Mottola).
  • Fixed timing of malformed animated GIFs in wxHTML (Gennady Feller).
  • Fixed incorrect layout width caching in wxHTML (Jeff Tupper).
  • wxHTML: preserve TAB characters when copying <pre> content to clipboard.
  • Set focus to wxCalendarCtrl when it is clicked.
All (Unix):
  • Fixed shared libraries to not depend on GStreamer when built with –enable-media; only wxMedia library depends on it now.
  • wxLaunchDefaultBrowser() now uses xdg-open if available.
  • Don’t close UDP socket if an empty datagram is received (Mikkel S)
  • Honour locale modifiers such a “@valencia” in system locale (Tim Kosse)
  • Fix rare bug with messages delivered to wrong wxSocket (Tim Kosse).
  • Fix setting icons when they have non-default (16*16 and 32*32) sizes.
  • Fixed wxLocale::GetInfo to use the C locale.
  • Don’t enable disabled windows when showing them (Harry McKame).
  • Fix assert when using owner-drawn menu items with the newest (Vista) SDK.
  • Fixed wxTextCtrl to not process clipboard events twice if there’s a custom wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_* event handler.
  • Fix wxComboBox to not lose the current value if it was programmatically set to a value not in a list of choices on popup close (Kolya Kosenko)
  • Switching wxListCtrl to report mode from another one now uses full row highlight, just as if the control were created in report mode initially.
  • Use correct index of the right-clicked column in wxListCtrl in the corresponding event even when the control is scrolled horizontally.
  • Implement wxRadioBox::Reparent() correctly (Vince Harron).
  • Make context sensitive help work for the text part of wxSpinCtrl.
  • wxFileType::GetCommand() now looks at Explorer associations and CurVer for increased reliability and conformance to user expectations.
  • Fixed double Init() call in wxTopLevelWindow causing a memory leak on SmartPhone.
  • Fixed rendering of borders for wxTextCtrl with wxTE_RICH(2) style when using Windows XP’s Classic UI theme.
  • Text controls with wxTE_RICH style now also generate wxClipboardTextEvents.
  • Fixed wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_ENTER generation in wxSpinCtrl.
  • Fixed wxSpinCtrl::GetClientSize() to return sensible value and not just spin button’s client size.
  • Fixed IMPLEMENT_APP() to be compatible with the -WU flag of Borland C++ compiler (Matthias Bohm).
  • Correct size calculation for toolbars containing controls under pre-XP systems (Gerald Giese)
  • Return false from wxEventLoop::Dispatch() if gtk_main_quit() was called and so the loop should exit (Rodolfo Schulz de Lima).
  • Implement wxListBox::EnsureVisible() (Andreas Kling)
  • Fixed wxCURSOR_HAND to map to GDK_HAND2 and not GDK_HAND1, for consistency with other applications.
  • Fix wxNotebook::GetPage{Text,Image}() when they were called from the page change event handler for the first added page (Mikkel S).
  • Fixed wxBitmapButton to use focus and hover bitmaps correctly.
  • Fixed race condition which could cause idle processing to stop without processing all pending events.
  • wxAcceleratorTable now works with buttons too.
  • Fixed cursor for wxBusyCursor and wxContextHelp.
  • Fixed wxListCtrl to respect items’ non-default fonts.
  • wxListCtrl::SetColumnWidth() now supports wxLIST_AUTOSIZE.
  • Fixed handling of transparent background in borderless wxBitmapButton.

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