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wxWidgets 2.8.9 Released

The wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a new wxWidgets release. The latest stable release in 2.8 series contains several bug fixes as well as a few new functions. Upgrading is recommended for all wxWidgets users.


  • Optimize wxString::Replace() for single character arguments.
  • Updated Hindi translation (Priyank Bolia).
  • Use tr1::unordered_{map,set} for wxHash{Map,Set} implementation if available in STL build; in particular do not use deprecated hash_{map,set} which results in a lot of warnings from newer g++ (Jan Van Dijk and Pete Stieber).

All (GUI):

  • Added support for reading alpha channel in BMP format (Kevin Wright).
  • Fixed help viewer bug whereby the splitter sash in wxHtmlHelpWindow could go underneath the left-hand pane, permanently, after resizing the help window.
  • Fixed wxHTML default font size for printing to be 12pt regardless of the platform, instead of depending on GUI toolkit’s screen configuration.
  • Support wxDP_ALLOWNONE style in generic wxDatePickerCtrl version.
  • Set wxKeyEvent::m_uniChar correctly in the events generated by generic wxListCtrl (Mikkel S).
  • Fix changing size of merged cells in wxGrid (Laurent Humbertclaude).
  • Fixed wrapping bug in wxRichTextCtrl when there were images present; now sets the cursor to the next line after pressing Shift+Enter.
  • Fixed Cmd+Back, Cmd+Del word deletion behaviour in wxRichTextCtrl.
  • Fix crash when reading malformed PCX images.
  • Fix bug with wrong transparency in GIF animations (troelsk).
  • Store palette information for XPM images in wxImage (troelsk).
  • Fixed selection bugs and auto list numbering in wxRichTextCtrl.
  • Significantly optimize wxGrid::BlockToDeviceRect() for large grids (kjones).
  • Introduced new wxAuiToolBar class for better integration and look-and-feel.
  • Fix a crash in wxAuiFrameManager when Update() was called in between mouse-up and mouse-down events
  • wxAUI: added various NULL-ptr asserts.
  • Fixed problem with Floatable(false) not working in wxAuiFrameManager.
  • Fixed maximize bug in wxAUI.
  • Allow period in link anchors in wxHTML.
  • Fixed memory corruption in wxHTML when parsing “&;” in the markup.
  • Fixed event type in EVT_GRID_CMD_COL_MOVE and EVT_GRID_COL_MOVE.
  • wxGrid doesn’t steal focus when hiding editor any more (Tom Eckert).

All (Unix):

  • MIME types reading fixed when running under GNOME, reading .desktop files and also the default application list.
  • Added system option so that applications that must load an XRC file at program startup don’t have to incur the mime types manager initialization penalty.


  • Potentially incompatible change: wxExecute() arguments are now quoted if they contain spaces and existing quotes are escaped with a backslash. However, to preserve compatibility, the argument is unchanged if it is already quoted. Notice that this behaviour will change in wxWidgets 3.0 where all arguments will be quoted, please update your code now if you are affected and use only wxWidgets 2.8.9 or later.
  • Fix keyboard support in wxSpinCtrl broken in 2.8.8.
  • Compile fix for WinCE in window.cpp (no VkKeyScan in Windows CE).
  • Support disabling items before adding them to the menu (Christian Walther).
  • Allow to call SetFont(wxNullFont) to reset the font to default.
  • Implement UUID::operator==() and !=() (SQLAware Corporation).
  • Fixed long standing (introduced in 2.6.3) bug which resulted in always creating a DIB and not DDB in wxBitmap(const wxImage&) ctor.
  • Fix the bug with wxFileDialog not being shown at all if the default file name was invalid.
  • Fix hang in keyboard navigation code with radio buttons under Windows 2000.
  • Implement wxWinINetInputStream::GetSize() (spicerno).
  • Always copy “has alpha” flag when copying bitmaps (SQLAware Corporation).


  • Fixed masking of disabled bitmaps in wxMenuItem and wxStaticBitmap.
  • Fixed generation of events for an initially empty wxDirPickerCtrl.
  • Fixed detection of Meta key state so that NumLock isn’t misdetected as Meta (requires GTK+ 2.10).
  • Fix changing font/colour of label in buttons with images (Marcin Wojdyr).


  • Fixed a glitch where clicking on a scrollbar (but not moving the scrollbar) would cause the window to scroll.

You can download the latest version of wxWidgets here.

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