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wxWidgets App With Plugins (Windows/Linux/Mac) – Sample Source Code

I can see that there is still a lot of topics at wxWidgets forums related to usage of shared libs or plugins with wxWidgets apps on different platform.

For Windows it’s not hard to implement such app but on Linux and OS X this may be quite tricky (especially when you are not planning to use installer for your app and create the app which will work on different machines without need to recompile it).

So, specially for those, who still has problems with implementation of plugins for wxWidgets apps, I created the sample which compiles and runs on all 3 platforms, has 2 types of plugins (with and without GUI), creates the relocatable application where all plugins and other libs search for dependencies using relative paths which means that you don’t need to rebuild the app on different machines to make it work.

You can find the complete source code at GitHub: Modular wxWidgets Application with Plugins

The project is under development since I’m writing an article about this in parallel, so you are welcome to follow the project at GitHub and try the new versions.

Features which I plan to add in nearest updates:

  • Embedding of wxWidgets libs into OS X Bundle
  • Embedding of wxWidgets libs into application’s distro for Linux
  • Document/View: Support of different file formats using plugins
  • Communication between plugins

So, stay tuned, start watching the project at GitHub!

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