Cross-Platform Way of Obtaining MAC Address of Your Machine

In one of my current projects I had to implement client-server communication and protection by MAC address when client machine can’t connect to server if its MAC address is not allowed, regardless of network or broadband connection. But what was a surprise that wxWidgets does not have API which allows obtaining MAC address in cross-platform way. So, I decided to write a small class which allows obtainig MAC address for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows Mobile. Here it is:
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Using wxSQLite3 for Creating Mobile Software

New video which shows ho to:

  • Create minimal wxWidgets application for Windows Mobile
  • Compile SQLite for Windows Mobile 5
  • Compile wxSQLite3 for Windows Mobile 5
  • Setup wxWidgets application to use wxSQLite
  • Create SQLite database programmatically
  • Create tables in database programmatically
  • Fill tables with data
  • Retrieve data
  • Handle exceptions

Download video “Using wxSQLite3 for Creating Mobile Software”

Download sample “Using wxSQLite3 for Creating Mobile Software”

Отправка SMS под wxWinCE с помощью CE MAPI

Появилась необходимость программно отправлять SMS с телефона под управлением Windows Mobile. Решил не изобретать велосипед и поиспользовать MAPI для этих целей. После недолгих поисков набрел на эту статью на CodeProject. Немного переделал код для использования с wxWidgets. Вот что получилось
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How to Draw Gradient Buttons (wxWidgets Way)

Several days ago I found How to draw gradient buttons post at Native Mobile blog. Looks nice but I think that using GradienFill() is not very convenient because you need to fill all these TRIVERTEX structures. wxWidgets provides more convenient way of drawing gradients by using wxDC::GradientFillLinear(). Here is how it can be done in wxWidgets:
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