Creating Nice Reports with wxWidgets ZIP API

wxWidgets contains a set of classes which handle several archive formats. Most commonly used archive format is ZIP. This tutorial shows how to use wxWidgets API for reading and writing ZIP-files.
As you probably know, Microsoft Office 2007 produces .DOCX files which are ZIP archives which contain several XML files, images and few directories inside. After visiting Microsoft Developer’s Days I decided to add new feature to my current project and create new type of report which is based on .DOCX file format. This tutorial contains some techniques which you can use for generating such reports by yourself.
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Multilingual Applications? It’s Simple!

I was digging wxForum searching for a solution of some of my problems and realized that many people ask questions related to wxLocale and multilingual applications and it seems that setting up the development of multilingual applications is hard enough for junior programmers. So, today I want to tell you about how to start…. start the development of software which supports different languages.
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